Social Media’s Impact on Relationships Infographic

We have all bitten into the social media apple!

And we like how it tastes.  And our relationships are forever changed!

Don’t agree?

Look at your Facebook News Feed. How many of your Friend’s Status Updates relate to dating, marriage, parenting, work or other relationships? What percentage of the pictures that people post are of their spouse, partner, kids, family, friends?

Think about yourself. How many online dating sites have you ever subscribed to?  Why do you belong to Facebook, Google +, Twitter, Pinterest, etc? What do you blog about? Who do you share pictures and videos with and why?

Think about your (real) friends. How many couples do you know met through Match, EHarmony or some other dating site?  How many times have you seen their Relationship Statuses change? What are they posting and tweeting about? Have you known someone who has left a marriage or damaged a relationship for someone they reconnected with on Facebook?

RELATIONSHIPS are what makes social media sites so attractive.  And anytime you have people dealing with relationships … stuff is going to happen … good and bad!

Th infographic below (via  Juliannarae) provides a great representation of the growing impact that social media is having on relationships.  (And it references and features The Social Media Couple’s book, Facebook and Your Marriage.)


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  1. Johney & Mekdes says:

    Really it is very helpful advise for this uncertain world and helps to guide these confused generation! Blessing!

  2. Hi!
    Nice post!

    It war rude to dump people by using sms, same thing with social networks, as far as I am concerned.

    Face-face communication and real people are so much better!!!