12 Tackiest Christmas Ornaments on Amazon (UPDATED)


(UPDATED November 2013) How do you decorate your Christmas tree? Is it filled with sentimental decorations from the past or contemporary ornaments and lights that you saw on Pinterest? Whatever you do with your Christmas tree, avoid any and all of the following twelve ornaments and decorations while Christmas shopping on Amazon. They could make for lots of laughs at the White Elephant or a gag gift for a gift exchange.  But [...] Read More »

What Happens on Facebook … Can Ruin a Marriage


“Facebook doesn’t ruin marriages, people do.” This is the most popular comment on any online news story about how social networks affect marriages. We should know. Being the co-authors of Facebook and Your Marriage, we’re quoted and referenced in hundreds of articles and stories about social media and relationships and the “Facebook doesn’t wreck relationships, people using Facebook does” or some equivalent is posted in the comments almost every time. No duh!  [...] Read More »

Five Ways to Send Card-less Christmas Greetings via Facebook


Step aside Hallmark! The 170-year old practice of sending holiday cards is about to become a fond memory. Don’t get us wrong…we’re not going all Grinch on the Yuletide tradition.  We love receiving cards. But the 19th Century concept of Christmas cards takes the 21st Century family a lot of time and money to pull it off. It all starts with trying to figure out what kind of Christmas card your family [...] Read More »

10 Tips to Ensure Your First Christmas Together Isn’t Your Last


You know how people always ask, “if you could share just one piece of marriage advice to newly married couples, what would it be?” Here’s ours: “With your first Christmas, when you get married, take control of the holidays or you will feel like the Grinch stole your Christmas!” The reason? With the first Christmas, too many people have too many competing expectations for the newlyweds. Both sides of the families want [...] Read More »

How Porn is Damaging Facebook and Ruining Your Reputation


What do the Ellen DeGeneres Show, Manchester United, Bruno Mars and Monster Energy Drinks have in common? Graphic, hardcore porn images and links can be found on their Facebook Wall for all to see. And they aren’t alone. The most popular brands in the world are getting hit…daily.  The Facebook Pages for television shows (NCIS Los Angeles, Desperate Housewives, Chappelle’s Show, The Amanda Show, BBC America, Colbert Report, CSI Miami), sports teams [...] Read More »

Social Media Experts Warn Couples to Have a Face-to-Face about Facebook’s Timeline Sooner Versus Later


Seattle, WA - Facebook has frequently been indicted by many scorned lovers and betrayed spouses for causing their relationship woes and broken marriages. But, the newest feature from the popular social network called Timeline could expose things one partner doesn’t want the other to know, or reveal things to the world about their relationship that were meant to be private. Every couple should have a sit down to discuss how their virtual [...] Read More »

A New Virtual Reality: Teens and Technology


Due to The Social Media Couple’s extensive work with helping families navigate social media and the online world, K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky were interviewed for a 3-part article series called, “A New Virtual Reality: Technology and Kids.”  Other interviewed experts include: Police Chief Michelle Bennett (who wrote her doctoral dissertation on cyberbullying) and Allan Cush of wiredsafety.org. This series by Kris Hill of The Reporter, is a wealth of information for [...] Read More »

What’s Your Story … With Us?


Can you share in the celebration with us? It has been six years since we began publishing and distributing marriage strengthening resources (with Turn the Tide Resources Group)! The last 72 months have been a whirlwind of activity. We: launched four distinct websites resulting in millions of hits (FullMarriageExperience.com // SocialMediaCouple.com // Techlationships.com // MarriageJunkie.com (live but hibernating); published three titles with over 10,000 books sold (Before “I Do” – Preparing for [...] Read More »

“The Techlationship Talk” – 5 Questions to Keep Virtual Threats from Crashing Your Relationship


Today’s modern couples have fully integrated sites like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube into their relationship. In fact, social media is an integral part of the dating ritual, the engagement stage, and everyday married life.  Unfortunately, it is also a factor in relationship break-ups, the open sharing that “it’s complicated,” and the public announcement of a separation or divorce. Social media connects us with anyone at anytime to do anything anywhere with anybody. [...] Read More »

The Double Standard in the Real and Virtual Worlds (our NY Times article)


The Social Media Couple (K. Jason and Kelli Krafsky) were asked by The New York Times to contribute an opinion article in the “Room for Debate” section on the topic of sexting (in light of Weinergate).  As one of six experts on the topic, the Krafskys wrote on “The Double Standard in the Real and Virtual Worlds” as written below. AS WRITTEN IN THE NEW YORK TIMES: In all the jokes and [...] Read More »